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Gentle Stream

 Extra 3600Wh battery for DELTA Pro

• Expand capacity up to 10.6kWh with 2 extra batteries

• Convenient recharging with DELTA Pro: AC, solar, Smart Generator, car charging, EV charging

• Long-lasting LFP battery

*Note: This product is exclusively for the EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable power station.


DELTA Pro’s Smart Extra Battery benefits from all the charging methods DELTA Pro has, including 6500W MultiCharge. That means you can charge anytime, anywhere as long as your extra battery is connected to DELTA Pro. Once connected, they’ll charge/discharge in unison, keeping the battery percent level across both units.

Ecoflow Delta Pro Smart Extra Battery

  • Capacity3600 Wh
    Net Weight : Approximately 38kg
    Dimensions635x 285 x 416mm
    Cell ChemistryLFP
    Cycle Life80%+ capacity after 3500 cycles

    Compatable with : Delta Pro only 

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